How To Use Network Link Conditioner

How many time have you done some feature then tested it but someone told you there sometimes is a problem. Probably you have a stable connection in your office or home. But user may have poor internet connection or may be in the middle of nowhere without internet.

Without software manipulation, it’d be almost impossible to simulate such a situation. Fortunately, to help developers, Apple created Network Link Conditioner where you can manipulate the network.

Network Link Conditioner on iPhone

Go to Settings and find Developer option.

In NETWORKING section select Network Link Conditioner which should be disabled by default.

This window will appear.

To make the easiest test, enable it and select 100% Loss.

Now try to open a web browser and any website won’t load.

Network Link Conditioner on macOS and Simulator

To use NLC on a mac is a little more time-consuming but not so difficult.

Open Xcode. Select Xcode > Open Developer Tool > More Developer Tools.

Or go directly to Apple website.

After you log in you’ll see many additional tools which you can download.

Search for Network Link Conditioner.

Many additional packages for Xcode will appear. Select and download one for your Xcode version.

After installation, a folder with tools will pop up. Open Hardware folder.

And there is Network Link Conditioner.prefPane.

Open it.

To make the easiest test is to turn it ON and select 100% Loss.

Now any website will load neither on macOS nor on Simulator.

Now you can test how an app behaves in different networking situations.