Markup In Playground – WWDC20 Scholarship

There isn’t a mistake in the title, in Apple world, there is Markup which is similar to Markdown with extensions.

After checking a few projects in Playground I encounter something strange, there are texts or lists inside code and they look like pictures. I didn’t expect this.

As far as I know, there is only an option in the Playground to turn on that feature.

To turn it on you need to go to Editor and select Show Rendered Markup and it changes Markup to the final result.

You put everything inside a specific format, it’s very similar to comment.

Your content

Rember about : after the first *.

When you copy-paste these 3 lines and Shows Markup you should see:

Notice that there aren’t lines counter.

To back to Markup text you need to show raw text. Go to Editor and select Show Raw Markup:

So the first thing is that you can write plain text and it’ll be shown in that way.

From now, I’ll skip /*: and */ in code examples to make it cleaner.

To make the text as a headline you can use # at the beginning of a line.

# Headline


You can use more than on # and then you’ll receive sub-headlines.

# Headline
## Sub
### Sub Sub


To make a simple list there is * at the beginning of the list:

 # Shopping list
 * Milk
 * Bread


You can make also link to some websites. There is text at first, then there is also text but with hyperlink and inside () is a link to the destination website.

 Road to WWDC2020 [](


There is also Callout:

 * Callout(Smash Swift):
 Let’s discover iOS World together


My favorite is Example:

– Example: if example\
This example shows
if that check if number is even.\
`if number % 2 == 0 {`\
`print(“Number: (number) is even”)`\
`} else {`\
`print(“Number: (number) is odd”)`\

This one is probably less useful but I think it’s quite interesting. It’s the video. File SimonSinek_2009X-480p.mp4 is a local file from the project.

 # Top1 the most popular TEDx Talk
! [Simon Sinek](SimonSinek_2009X-480p.mp4)


 There is some bug with this because when you start video and change to Raw Markup then you sometimes can still hear voice 🙂

Of course, the examples above aren’t all that Markup offers.

There are few options to change pages in the Playground, about these things I’ll write next time.