Promote Yourself – My Personal Project In SwiftUI

About a year ago I was listening to an interview with Ben Greenfield and he mentioned a game that can improve short and long-term memory. I remember I stopped listening to it and went back to hear the name of this game. It was an n-back game.

The idea is simple behind that, you have a board, 3×3 by default, and you need to remember in each round which field was highlighted and what letter was spoken. In each round, you need to say if the field or/and sound was the same N round ago. So when N is equal to 2 you need to remember only two previous rounds, but if N is equal to 10 you need to remember all 10 rounds.

For me it was interesting and I felt I found a project to create by myself.

I did some research and I found there were a few games already existing but I didn’t care because I wanted to do something I could publish to the App Store because I receive a 1-year subscription for WWDC Student Scholarship 2020.

I started with simple things like menu, level selection, game, and summary. Then I added extra screens like tutorials or statistics from previous games. During this project, I decided to learn new things I didn’t have a chance to do before and I learned how to use fastlane or swift lint.

The latest thing is music I took from @gabriele_pollina with his consent, check out his Instagram profile. That music improved the overall user experience.

I have some ideas about how I want to improve it but when the app is bigger small changes aren’t that visible. I’ll update from time to time on my blog what changed.

The app is available in App Store you can check it here.

And the code is public on my GitHub.

Here are statistics from App Store:

I was surprised because most users are from South Korea, above 90%.