Road To WWDC 2020 Scholarship

Every year few thousands of developers sign up and hope to be drawn at random to attend Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is the biggest and the most known event for Apple developers.

UPDATE: Apple announced Swift Student Challenge instead of a scholarship this year. It has very similar rules but the price isn’t a trip to WWDC instead there are WWDC20 jackets and pin set. More info on official site.

UPDATE 2: Apple announced winners, you can read about my results here.

Apple shows there technology news and the newest features on its platforms. In parallel with presentations, there are many labs with Apple engineers.

Videos from the previous year, WWDC2019.

Beside normal draw, there is an opportunity to get a scholarship from Apple.

WWDC Scholarship gives a chance for students and/or active members of a STEM organization to get to the conference.

Apple offers a ticket for the conference and accommodation for up to 350 people.

There are few requirements to apply for it. The last year of them was to create a project with Playground.

Projects from previous years, GitHub.

I’ve never written a single line of code using Playground. Yet, it’ll change. Last year’s deadline was due by March 24 so there are almost 4 months since today. It’s enough time to learn how to use the Playground and create few learning projects and one for application.

So in the next posts, I’ll share the process and what I’ve learned, and how learning projects are going.

Last year’s official WWDC19 Scholarship page.