Road To WWDC 2021 Scholarship

As I shared with you last year how my application to Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Scholarship was going, I’m going to do it again this year.

Actually, last year it was called Swift Student Challenge but the rules were the same.

I’m in my last year at my current university so it’s worth applying this year again.

Last year, I was among the winners, more about my result from the previous year you can read here.

Worldwide Developers Conference 2021

As you know, every year, Apple organizes a special event for thousands of developers in California where the newest features are presented. At the same time, there are labs with Apple engineers where you can talk about different technologies.

And most important, there are lots, lots lots of people with the same mindset as you and me, it has to be a great experience to be there. I only guess it because I wasn’t there, yet 🙂

Last year in 2020, all of these awesome things were online, and Apple didn’t announce anything for 2021 yet, but I think there will be something for sure so it’s worth being prepared. If you don’t want to check everyday Apple websites with details, you can subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll for sure let you know when Apple announces it.

All videos from 2020, watch here. If you don’t want to watch all of them, you should watch Keynote at least.

What Is WWDC Scholarship Or Swift Student Challenge

Apple gives chance for students and/or members of STEM organizations to get to the conference for free.

Each year, there are up to 350 people who receive tickets for the conference and accommodation during the conference.

What Is Required To Do?

The core of the application is some creative project using Swift Playground. The details about versions will be announced because everything it’s updated. If you’re not using Swift Playground on a daily basis it’s worth starting to get used to it.

Besides the coding project, you need to write something about yourself and provide information if you’re a student.

There is also a chance to upload your CV, I don’t know what Apple does with it but maybe checks it and invites students for an interview or something.

Last year, the application deadline was 17th May, so it’s worth it to be prepared earlier. I don’t know what Apple invented this year but I guess it’ll be again something with Playground but for sure it has to be creative.

More details last year, on Apple website.

Great Github page with applications from previous years: GitHub page

Last year I was talking with many of you via email about your application so if you’re going to apply this year and want to talk, feel free to drop me an email: