SwiftUI Jam Summary

If you finished 100 Days of SwiftUI you can wonder what next?

You can start doing some personal projects for fun or find some commercial project and even get paid. This second option is much harder because SwiftUI was introduced in iOS 13 and most businesses want more support.

Yet, there was another chance to improve skills in SwiftUI.

This weekend was SwiftUI Jam!

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The idea was simple, spend the weekend with other people who love SwiftUI and create some great apps.

I was lucky to be a teammate with Aviral, Neil, and Kevin. The best thing was that we didn’t know each other because, at this event, we created a team via direct messages on Slack!

So if you want to take part in some event but you don’t have a team to do it then it’s no problem, you can always find awesome people online.

We didn’t know but we imminently split tasks very well and everyone knew what was going on and how the progress looked like.

The funniest thing for us was time zones because we are 11.5 hours apart because we are in Canada, India, and Poland. It was an awesome experience to do such async work! 🙂

So what have we done?

We had 3 ideas to create apps but it finished in application to book appointments to be vaccinated.

Application is easy in usage.

You download the app, you have a map with a hospital near you and you can choose the hospital and time slot.

App sends requests and ‘books’ to the hospital. The ‘book’ isn’t accurate because we assume that hospitals have some API or remote access, so the booking works only in our database.

After successfully booking, you receive a QR code that you can scan in the hospital and you can get the vaccine.

The application also has widgets if you want to see information about numbers. These numbers are about how many people are vaccinated and these data are fetched from government reports so it’s the most accurate source of truth.

The whole project with code, description, and API you can find on our GitHub page.

Thanks again to Neil, Kevin and Aviral, and the whole SwiftUI Jam team!