Summary Of 2020

Let’s start this summary from a joke:

-What can you tell positively about 2020?
-It’s about to finish.
Ba Dum Tss!

This is my second yearly summary, since the previous one in 2019, a lot of things have changed.

I’ve started this year by showing you my Journey to WWDC 2020 Scholarship is going on. There were some posts about Playground, this was my first attempt to use it. I can say, it’s interesting and can be useful when you need to test some piece of code, but for development it’s hard. I’ve encountered some strange bugs and the most difficult thing is looking for some solution on the internet. In 2021, I’ll also apply for a scholarship because I’m in my final year at the university.

Meanwhile, I’ve created an Online Calendar With Swift events. Thanks to Marius Constantinescu from iOSGoodies and Dave Verwer from iOS Dev Weekly to share it and a lot of people joined my newsletter due to that.

If you missed this post, I shared that I’ve won a Scholarship, this where there weren’t trips to the USA, there were a jacket, pins, and Developer Account for 1 year.

Later during the summer, I started writing more about SwiftUI and I managed to buy a microphone to record posts and start learning how to create video content. 

In September, I did my challenge to write 30 posts in 30 days. This event boosted traffic on my blog. Since September, I noticed that every month there are more and more people on the blog. In November and December, there were around 1500 unique visits each month and I’d love to thank you for that and I hope the content on my blog is valuable for you. 

To be able to post those video posts, I created a YouTube channel where you can find these video posts.

I also sent a newsletter for the last months. I’ve started sending only information about events from Swift Calendar, but later I’ve added interesting news about Apple, if you want to join it you can do it here.

Overall, I’ve written 77 blog posts, about 32 of them are recorded as video posts and are posted on Youtube.

Plans for 2021

Plans are every simply:

– Provide more valuable content for you
– Improve video and start creating more complex tutorials
– Find some source of income from the blog, it doesn’t have to be much but something would be great
– Apply for the 2021 WWDC Scholarship and win it again
– Start recording podcast, I had one talk but the overall format needs to be clarified

I’d love to thank you for this year, and as always if you have any questions or want to talk just drop me an email at